WCAL June Meeting Minutes

The June 17, 2020 was held using zoom. We are meeting in this manner because of the coronavirus pandemic. Janet Knapp, President, started the business meeting at approximately 6:30. Secretary Jean W gave a short instruction on some zoom functions and how the critique will flow.

Agenda: Business meeting, June challenge and then critique of member art by Susan Farmer-Tiefenthaler. 18 WCAL members were in attendance plus Susan.

Membership: Carol reports that there are currently 37 paid members. A good number. Also as Janet mentions that the membership number usually grows as the year goes on.

Secretary: Jean reports that the May minutes are posted on the member webpage. She will bring printed copies to in-person meeting when that resumes.

Treasurer: John reports we have during month of May 720 dues collected, entry fees WRAP 40. For Income of 1560. Expenses 100 WRAP, People choice 50, fee for Madison 500. John reported the balances of line items/categories.

Programs: Janet gets a sense that members are not in a hurry to meet in person. Margaret believes that the church is not open but she will check. July: Tom Smith will give a demo about plein air painting and painting from photos. Perhaps we could meet outside in the parking lot of the church if allowed (Margaret will find out). If not the church, perhaps another venue. A suggestion was made to meet earlier – maybe 6:00. For various reasons…darkness, bugs. Renee had a suggestion of another place to meet. Please let Janet know your thoughts. Backup plan would be a zoom meeting. In August, looking to paint outside a few times, in a few places. Draft plan for programs: go back & forth between critiques and demos. Gradually work at meeting in-person again.

WRAP Show: Jan Wood went to Whitewater where they had a live show. She described how their drop-off and their reception with social distancing worked. Jan said that Anne R is working on the demo & presentation for our WRAP workshop. When that is done, Jan will send out the invitation. Date & time to be determined. Award of Excellence 2 & 3, Best of Show. Workshop open to all WCAL even if you didn’t enter the WRAP show – contact Jan – all her contact info is on the WCAL website. It would only be a $5 fee. A registration will be required beforehand.

Courthouse Show: Meena reports it is on for October with drop-off Sept 15 and pick-up Nov 3. Meena sent the final brochure to Margaret to be sent to members. The brochure states that the dates may change; so there is potential that it will be pushed out farther. Meena asks if a zoom would be ok for critique; but Renee then writes in Chat room that we don’t normally do a critique for the Courthouse Show.

Member Show: Renee reports she heard back from John. It is uncertain still. If would turn out and happen, then set-up would be early Dec. & run until early January. Three shows and three concerts during that time. A little less time as compared to the past but should be ok… shows/concerts will bring people there. Renee sent photos for their website.

Publicity/Facebook: Nancy reports some posting art, but not a lot of activity. Chat room question – answer is that Nancy approves and does the posts (usually daily). 

Exhibits: Vince – no exhibits happening- nothing to report. Janet had spoken with  Hilda; lower floor of building will open around August 1. So potential to exhibit then, although we may have our masters challenge displayed beginning of August. Janet will contact Hilda again before our July meeting. If anyone uncomfortable going there, we can look for ways to get the art there. We may want to have reserve month if can’t exhibit in October.

Webpage: Lennis not in attendance. Janet mentions that there is a pink box with next months’ meeting info and a yellow box with the challenge. Janet sends her President letter to Margaret to forward to membership via email. It is also on the website.

City Hall Exhibit: Charlene said she did email the contact person. It is uncertain, probably won’t happen this year; renovations, new building, getting late. But if would happen, Charlene will have Margaret send info.

The June challenge: using an old family photo for reference. 6 members shared their challenge piece. Remember you can always show previous months challenges at any meeting challenge time.

Janet: July challenge – anything about the COVID and/or about the recent events (protests etc). Share thoughts, emotions etc. 
In approx. 3-4 months we need to vote in new officers. Janet will be asking for members to be on a nominating committee. Janet and Carol’s time will be up. If any other current officer will not be serving next year, please let Janet know.
Janet would like to plan some plein air outings for August.

Critique: Carol welcomes and introduces Susan Farmer-Tiefenthaler. 17 members had their work featured for critique. Susan also had two of her own pieces to share with us. Thank you Susan!

Janet: Thank-you picture for the Waukesha Memorial Hospital. A couple ideas. 1) floral with blue background. Blue Skies Ahead. 2) compartments with health care workers. Each square could be filled in creatively. We could probably do both. Ideas and Amazon paper trading card link will be emailed. Other places = police department, other health clinics. Janet will contact Bill Taylor for hospital contact. A discussion followed regarding artists name, group name, painting in oil, watercolor. Janet will let us know more info about this project.

Jean Weed

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