WCAL July Meeting Minutes

The July 15, 2020 meeting was held using zoom. We are still meeting in this manner because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Janet Knapp, President, started the business meeting at 6:30. Agenda then includes the  July challenge and a plein air painting demonstration by artist Tom Smith. He will be presenting from his Waukesha studio. 18 WCAL members were in attendance plus Tom.

Membership: Carol reports nothing new. A discussion followed regarding membership. Margaret will send out newest membership list this week. The list is also posted on the member webpage.

Treasurer: Shannon filling in for John who is not in attendance. Shannon reported the activity and balances of accounts.

Secretary: Jean reports that the June minutes are posted on the member webpage.

WRAP Show: Jan Wood reports that the State Exhibit Award winners from our show should receive info about the State Conference soon. The Conference will be online this year. If these winners don’t heard from Madison by end of this week or early next week, please contact Jan. She described the wonderful workshops and presenters. There will be judging for the Conference Awards and Sponsor Awards. Jan will forward the high-quality photos of the art (from our area show) to Madison unless otherwise notified by the artist. Saturday evening July 25 is our area WRAP workshop via zoom, Anne Raskopf will be demonstrating.

Courthouse Show: Meena was unable to attend meeting but had sent an email previous which Janet read. Janet also spoke with Hilda. Because of COVID19 the Masters Show and Courthouse Show will not be able to occur as planned. Can pick a later month for Courthouse Show display of artwork; the $350 is still granted for purchase award. Could go completely online. A critique is not normally done for the Courthouse Show but could be worked out. Meena encourages all to enter – send applications to her. None received yet. Online show with winner picked; could then hang the artwork with the plaque. Publicity – possibly a picture of artist, artwork, statement. Perhaps could go on the county website. Meena will keep all informed.

Member Show: Renee reports nothing new. Still penciled in but depends on school openings. Maybe have member show later in year or postpone for a year (?).

Programs: Janet will let us know about next month’s program; it will be a critique. Intend to switch off between critiques and demos. Tonight Tom Smith is demonstrating his plein air techniques. Master Show is on hold; Online? Wait? One member suggested artists do a video.Maybe put that on county website. Let Janet know of your opinion via email. Hilda would like a photo of our Thank-you project to put into the Co Exec newsletter. Janet will send out an email regarding the project. Prefer the amazon cards but ok if you cut well or need to use a different paper because of oils. Floral with blue background or sky. Blue Skies Ahead on top and an inscription on bottom – who from and year. Let Janet know if you can help with mounting. Send your piece to Janet by August 10 (or email her if need to get to her in a different manner). There may be a need to make two – let Janet know if you can. Janet would like to schedule a couple of plein air events – come paint or simply stop by to visit. Boerner’s may work out. She will send out more info.

Publicity/Facebook: Nancy reports a few people have posted artwork. One new facebook member.

Exhibits: Vince – no exhibits happening- nothing to report.

Webpage: Lennis has posted the most up-to-date member list. She has posted up-coming meetings on the calendar. And the next challenge which will be “minimalist”.  Please let Lennis know if you have something to post.

The July challenge: 2 members shared their COVID19 challenge piece… thoughts, emotions etc. Remember you can always show previous months challenges at any meeting challenge time. August challenge will be minimalist: do something basic and simple, with least amount of detail, perhaps about 15 shapes or lines.

Janet introduced Tom Smith, who gave a plein air painting demonstration.

Submitted by Jean Weed, WCAL Secretary

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