WCAL September Meeting Minutes

WCAL Board Meeting September 3, 2020

The September 3, 2020 WCAL board meeting was held via zoom & called to order by Janet Knapp. In attendance were: President & Programs Co-Chair Janet Knapp, Vice President & Programs Co-Chair Carol Meissner, Secretary Jean Weed, Treasurer John Klug, Publicity/Facebook Chair Nancy Peterson, Courthouse Co-Chair Meena Sundaresan,, WRAP Show Chair Jan Wood, Website Chair Lennis Mathews.

Upcoming Board Vacancies Janet stated that an announcement should be made this week so can be voted on at October member meeting. Last year Janet and Carol made great efforts to ask people to be nominating committee. Janet would like to get a bit ahead of it this year. Perhaps current board members could fill or do some trading of roles. If not, a nominating committee is needed, the President could appoint (names could even be drawn from a hat). Constitution directs that a nominating committee need one head and two others. Those leaving could find replacement then nominating committee not needed. President, Vice President, Exhibits, and Website Chair are needed.
Lennis explained her reasons for leaving the Website position. She enjoyed WCAL, especially the artists presentations. We will miss her and appreciate her help. A discussion followed about some art groups not meeting during COVID19 time. John expressed gratitude to Janet and those who supported her in keeping WCAL connected regularly. Janet replied that it was a goal to do this; to maintain/encourage membership & keep the group together during this time.

Janet read from the Operating Guidelines in regards to changes to committee roles. Can be modified at any business meeting; Article 7 Section 2 directs voting.

Janet asked those present if they would like to be President. No-takers. A few names were suggested for filling the position. If needed, Janet potentially willing but maybe not for three years. This may require amending the Constitution/Bylaws; which takes months to do. Discussion continued about Constitution/Bylaws; potential exceptions to it; membership opinion. Nancy spoke of the Constitution/Bylaws historical review process. She also voiced that Janet is currently handling much and that may keep others from wanting to be President. Janet suggested that the monthly Challenges be combined with Programs or have some members come up with Challenge ideas. John shared his thoughts about considering this to be a sort of hiatus year; asking board who would be willing to one more year; then next year ask to fill these position. Nancy spoke to readjusting roles of the positions. Carol willing to do Program; asking her to be both VP and Programs would be too much. Discussion of Margaret Schumann’s willingness to handle emails; and to leave that task/role as is. Jan Wood’s role as WRAP is already very involved. Vice President, Carol, spoke of this being an exception year, low member meeting attendance, and difficulty of asking membership to fill positions. Janet read the VP position description and related the Exhibits role. Discussion: can Exhibits be combined with Programs or VP? Exhibit sign-up process during this non in-person meeting time. Use of emails, website (with samples of art) to promote and encourage sign-up. Lennis will create a website area. Facebook can be used by members to show their exhibited art as well. Janet will make some calls to potentials and keep board informed.

Operation Guidelines: Janet read section re: dates of membership, dues, the 3 month grace period. Eliminate the Historian, Scholarship, Hospitality positions. Janet has the box of historical documents. Newletter Editor may be dropped. City Hall Show– position to be continued? Janet said a member has expressed interest. However, city hall is currently being rebuilt.

Constitutional Bylaws: Every five years needs to be reviewed by committee. Need a small committee. Then voted on by membership group. This process can be a several month long process. Jean will scan and send to board. WCAL created in 1975 is on the current document, so is 45 years (not 50 years).

Courthouse Show: Meena reports contract to be signed by judge (note: a 9/5 follow-up email from Meena to the board indicates that Ryan Laessig has signed the contract).  Posted brochure on Next Door Neighbor and sent them to interested parties. Images of art should be sent to Meena and will have an email sent to membership. Nancy will post on facebook. Jan offered help Meena in obtaining quality images. Meena will compile entries and forward info to board.

Programs: Critiques have been working well on zoom. Carol working on next meeting program; a speaker. Discussed next three meetings: critiques, speakers, trading card or larger exchange. Discussion: Perhaps an email to membership about non-attendance; why?, zoom? other?

Vice President: Carol asked for clarification of VP role. Janet: currently is mostly membership along with John’s recording involvement. At this time, Carol would prefer to just Programs next year.

Membership brochure needs revision; make more general and point to the website. Need someone to do this. Perhaps the board can work on over winter; or can be handled next year?

Hospital Project: Have enough cards but would like more representation of members. If limit to two per person could use a couple more. Have the brass plaque and most of mounting supplies. Should be completed soon.

Secretary: Jean plans to keep pro zoom account at least thru June & will continue to share using it with WCAL. The critiques on zoom going well and happy to help with future ones. Have organized the secretarial binders at bit; breaking down well-loaded binders.

Treasurer: John working with Shannon on tax return online filing. A lawyer had previously been involved & submitted paperwork to change from a July to Dec year end. But IRS has tax year ending July which is now causing issue with filing. There are computer issues because of the date. Could affect our non-profit status. That lawyer no longer around. Discussion followed: Will we need to hire an account to help? Do we need non-profit status? Guidelines? Shannon continues to be in contact with IRS. John will keep board updated of the situation.

Member Show: Renee not in attendance.

WRAP Show: Jan reports WRAP state awards are being proofed & compiled into an online gallery. When gallery complete she will let all know. Sept 11 deadline for conference sign-up at go.wisc.edu/WRAPconference. Payment is handled online. She spoke of the workshops being offered. The online conference is Friday – Sunday. Sept 18-20. In addition to the online participatory workshops; recordings will be sent to those who paid. As a WRAP coordinator she receives free attendance as thanks from WRAP. They treat coordinators well; aware of the challenges; especially during this pandemic time. Jan was chosen to be highlighted in Contours. A challenging but rewarding position. Mentioned potentially willing take on a different WCAL board position after her WRAP position ends. 2021 may be Jan’s last year as WRAP coordinator; she has been doing it for 6-7 years. She was a catalyst in keeping this COVID19 year WRAP show going. An inspiration to other area shows. Jean and Jan did a lot of zoom practice and learning. Joel helped with the website gallery. Jan handled much in regards to quality images to make it a professional show.

Facebook/Publicity Nancy Peterson: FB is going well. Waukesha Freeman is currently only place to send articles to. FB is our best means currently. Received a FB question re: WCAL membership who found out about us via a Next Door Neighbor site. Not sure if this an appropriate place to adverstise… cost? residence? She will have more time in retirement to work on publicity.

Website: Lennis shared an online virtual gallery. A cool way to show your artwork; especially during this COVID19 time. She explained how it works, cost, benefits. Proposed it as a means for the members show. She willing to help during her remaining time as Website chair. And will help if the gallery is not password protected; should be accessible to general public. Suggests a randomly drawn winner with prize; no judging; to encourage all member artists, no matter of skill level, to participate. Janet asked Lennis to speak with Renee. But if not for member show; perhaps use for an additional show(s). Lennis willing to help next Website chair learn how to use site; make gallery. The website is kunstmatrix.com. Discussion: promotion, use with courthouse show.

President: Janet: this may or may not be her last board meeting. She has enjoyed her term and the opportunity. Thank-you Janet! She did a great job with the monthly Challenges along with the Presidential role. Janet would like to schedule Board meeting; will be on either a Tuesday or Thursday and should be before March. In about a month, we can talk about the Constitutional/Bylaws. Jean will scan Constitution/Bylaws and email to the board soon. Don’t need to start from scratch, can make less cumbersome. Janet will look over the Operational Guidelines and ask for voting on suggested changes at next group member meeting. Board should send any suggestions to Janet. Discussion re: keeping members connected, interaction, esp. during COVID, encourage membership/promotion of WCAL: Art Crawl showing; rent gallery space downtown.

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