Letter from the President

“ Only when he no longer knows what he is doing does the painter do good things.”-Edgar Degas

Hello artist friends,
I hope everyone is well this month despite the gloomy weather we have had recently. Soon we will have (hopefully) warm autumn days with bright fiery colors all around us. That is something to look forward to. Charlene and I enjoyed an afternoon of painting at Elm Grove Park last month. If you hope to get out and paint, there is still a group painting in Oconomowoc on Tuesdays. I am not sure how many more weeks they will be out there. 

We are in need of volunteers for some of our offices next year. Two jobs that are not very time consuming are Vice President and Exhibits. Two other positions that also need to be filled are President and Website coordinator. Please think about volunteering. Our group is smaller this year so we do not have as many people available. I am thankful for all the volunteers we had last year. My guess is that we will have a few meetings on zoom next year, and then in person, but is hard to know for sure. 

My husband, Joel will be giving a critique at our next meeting. Please send him a copy of your picture to joelknapp@wi.rr.com . Joel has a degree in art and does a lot of artwork. He did a critique once before for our group and has lots of experience critiquing my art work.

The challenge for the September meeting is to tell us about a favorite art book or bit of art related advice you were given. Keep it to a couple sentences please. We could easily spend a whole meeting doing this

For October, I would like you to do something a little challenging, yet kind of fun. Work on two paintings of the same subject matter at the same time. Do one of them very slowly and deliberately, paying attention to detail, and do the other one loosely and quickly. I have done this several times and have been happy with the results. I often like the loose one as much, if not more, than the detailed one. 

I am looking forward to seeing the work submitted to the Courthouse Show and am thankful we found a way to go forward with it.

Only three more meetings. It is hard to believe. Keep doing art and talk to you soon.

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