Letter from the President

“ I perhaps owe becoming a painter to flowers.” – Claude Monet

Hello WCAL members,

I thought I would find a flower quote, as a lot of us have been painting flowers. It has been a joy lately coming back from my mailbox with new flower trading cards in hand. You will be pleased when you see them all together. Nancy Peterson has volunteered to help me put it together. Jan Wood has been given us ideas and Donna Weinfurt has written a poem for the occasion , which we are planning on putting in a smaller frame on the side that also lists the participating artists, and expresses our thanks. We are planning on using 36 pictures in an 18 by 24 inch frame. We would like to purchase some trading card mats and give the extras to the hospital to give to some of the doctors and nurses with a note of thanks. So keep sending in the pictures. Also, if you want to add a personalized note you can. We,still could use a few more for the group picture. Please make the flower picture vertical, have a blue background, don’t sign it and we strongly recommend using the prepackaged trading cards because in the way we are presenting it the precise dimensions and edges are very important. We hope to use no more than two from each participating artist. But if we need to we will use three from a few.

We received some difficult news this month. It was hard to hear about the passing of Vince Picciolo. I didn’t know that he was ill, so it was a shock. We will miss him. I am so glad he won a second place prize in our local WRAP show. His family sent out a wonderful video with pictures from his life and photos of his beautiful artwork, and music from his band.

I would like to set up a time for those who want to paint outside , to do so, for later this month. I will give you more info at the next meeting. If someone else wants to suggest a place or time for those who want , you may also give an invite at the next zoom meeting. 

Our challenge for the month of August was to do a minimalist piece of art.
A simple definition would be to make something void of detail, with an ideal maximum number of lines or shapes being 15.

For the month of September, I want to keep it simple because I want you to keep on working on flower trading cards as thank you gifts. I started five new ones yesterday. Please tell us about an art book you would recommend, or the best advice someone has ever given you pertaining to art. It will have to be quick, as we do not have much time allotted for this.

We need a nominating committee. Please think about volunteering for this. At the next meeting I will let you know what slots need to.befilled.

We will have a critique at the next meeting. Julie Pekarske will be our guest artist. Carol and I picked Julie because she has critiqued a lot of our works, as the volunteer overseer, at the Waukesha Rec open paint Studio. She has helped me salvage quite a few paintings. Please email your photo of your artwork to juliepekarske@gmail.com.

Happy belated 80th Birthday to Holly Paulson!

Talk to you soon.
Janet Knapp

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