Letter from the President

“Simplicity is the greatest adornment of art.”- Albrecht Durer

Hello WCAL artists. 

I hope you are all well and staying cool. It has been a hot month, but I guess July is supposed to be hot. I hope you are also doing alright with the isolating aspects of this pandemic.  We are slowly starting to do a few things, but very slowly.

We were hoping to have our July meeting outside, but it just didn’t work out. The church wouldn’t allow us to use the restrooms if we used their parking lot and people were voicing concerns about mosquitos. It would be a long couple hours if the mosquitos were bad. Even though it won’t take place next week, I am looking forward to the time we can meet together face to face. We will have another zoom meeting this month , which has been working well.

Waukesha Memorial Hospital has approved the Thank you gift of our collective art. They will find a place for it and have invited us to come when they accept it(with social distancing). I explained the concept to the lady I spoke with and she seemed to like it.
Again, please put your best artistic foot forward as you work on your portion, as it will be displayed and it is a sign of appreciation for the risky work they are doing.  We will be each be painting on an artist trading card (2.5” by 3.5”)with a floral picture and a blue background. The caption on top will say “Blue Skies Ahead”. We will have a thank you and acknowledgement of our group at the bottom. The idea is from Jan Wood. I will include a link to the picture she used as a reference, although we will be using a different subject matter. Also,  I will send the link for the blank cards on Amazo𝗻. Feel free to share with friends. I am especially concerned that the size of the cards is accurate and exact which is why I thought it would be best to use prepared trading cards. If you use oils , feel free to use another surface with the correct dimensions. 

We should be able to display our Masters paintings in August at the Courthouse. We will discuss that more At the meeting. You could hand them in then or mail them to me with a hard surface behind it so it doesn’t get damaged. Otherwise talk to me and we could figure something else out. Also, if anyone is very good at mounting or calligraphy and could write out , Blue Skies Ahead, on one of the trading cards let me know. I told the lady it would be ready sometime in August , so please let me know if you are participating soon, and try to have it to me by August 10th. We may need some people to do two,let me know if you are available for that. 

Our challenge for July was to do a piece related to current events ; the covid-19 virus or the racial justice issues. I am sure that it was complicated to think about these things. Our August challenge will be simpler( hopefully). It will be to do a minimalist painting. It was hard to find a good definition, but basically something void of details, with as few lines and shapes in it as possible. It could be a landscape , portrait or abstract painting, or even a drawing or sculpture. You may want to look up some examples on the internet. A challenge could be to keep it under 20 lines or shapes, if you can. Have fun with it. 
Let me know if you have any questions and talk to you soon. Also, I hope you all attend the zoom WRAP demo .

Janet Knapp
N9W27676Wildwood Lane
Waukesha, WI 53188

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