WCAL Minutes November 18, 2020

The November 18, 2020 meeting held via zoom.

Janet Knapp, President, started the business meeting at 6:30. 17 WCAL members were in attendance.

Membership & Programs: Nothing new. It was a good year.

Secretary: October minutes are done.

Treasurer: John reported the activity and balances of accounts. October 31 balance 3337.56; Breakdown: Reserve 75.43; WRAP 1001.98; Courthouse Show 60.76; Member Show 283.50; General Fund 1915.89.

Courthouse Show: Meena absent. Janet has been in contact with Hilda. It may a year before can use Courthouse gallery. There is potential that individual artists could have a couple pieces posted to the courthouse website; not a full show and not for sale. Undetermined when this would start. Artists should contact Hilda directly. The current courthouse show is on their website.

Member’s Show, Exhibits: 18 people entered the show; 2-3 pieces each for 48 pieces. Email Lennis if any corrections are need to the gallery. The link is on the WCAL website and Facebook; please share. Some members already shared & have received positive feedback. Facebook has 40 views so far. The gallery is easy to access and use. People’s Choice award and a random drawing award is planned. Members should email Renee their favorite two for the People’s Choice. If a tie occurs, Renee will choose from a hat. Update 12/5/20 email from Renee…many nominated, many ties but the winners are: 1st Place $25 Elizabeth Clayton for Autumn Jewels; Drawing Prize $20 Holly Paulsen Foothills Sunset.

WRAP Show: Jan reports AWA is going to take over the WRAP, it will no longer be sponsored by the UWM Continuing Studies. There will an online option to pay for registration.

Publicity/Facebook: Nancy reports that the 40 views of Member Show may not include those who view from a share.
Website: We thank Lennis for all her work on the Member’s Show gallery and the WCAL webpages.

Hospital gift project: Janet will deliver the 18×24 project next Tuesday (11/24) at 2:00 outside of west entrance of Waukesha Memorial Hospital. Members are invited to come; please wear a mask. Margaret to send an email out to members. Some hospital staff and their publicity people will be there. This is a good time to deliver; to encourage and give thanks to struggling hospital staff. Janet showed some of the extra 13-14 matted ATCs. Those and copies of the poem will also be delivered; to be given to hospital staff. Janet did get a professional photo of the project done at Art’s. Members will be emailed three photos; 1) Janet’s photo as shown at the last meeting 2) the professional photo 3) a photo after Nancy adds text to the top & bottom areas of project. Members are encouraged to get their own prints made for personal display and to share/gift. Photo will be posted to the WCAL website. Hospital may be sending to the Freeman. Nancy can also submit an article to Freeman.

Constitution/Bylaws: John headed up this task. He explained the process and thanks the other committee members (Jean Weed, Carol Meisner, Nancy Peterson, & Renee Couture) for their help. It was gone thru line by line. Members were previously emailed the amended/modified documents and were asked to review. Main changes to C/B: eliminated some committees and new added. Updated to reflect running on a calendar year. Increased to $100 for qualified critiquers/demonstrators. John asked for vote for amended Constitution (requires 2/3 of membership=11.4 people for approval) Show of hands and submitted email votes to approve = 20. The amended Constitution/Bylaws therefore approved as of 11-18-20. The Operational Guidelines document was also reviewed and modified by the committee. John asked for vote (requires 9.5 people for approval). All in attendance show of hands yes. The modified Operational Guidelines approved as of 11-18-20. The membership already has the final documents; a confirming email will be sent to state them as officially approved. Documents will be posted to the WCAL member webpage.

Nominations: Carol read the slate of names for 2021 WCAL positions. President: Janet Knapp; Vice-President: Karon Bloo Marine; Secretary: Jean Weed; Treasurer: John Klug; Member’s Show: Renee Couture, Courthouse Show: Meena Vijay, WRAP: Jan Wood; Publicity/Facebook: Nancy Peterson; Programs: Carol Meissner. Carol asked for nominations from the floor. None received. Show of hands, move and seconded to approve the slate as presented. Regarding Website: Jean willing to help with web postings as described by Lennis in a previous meeting until the Website position is filled. Jean will need training from Lennis and Joel can be a resource.

November Challenge: Five had artwork to show.

March 2021 Challenge: Paint a master. Janet asks for help with ideas or handle future challenges.

“End of year” party:  ATC card exchange (via mail this year). Artist trivia and word games. Conversation.

Submitted by Jean Weed, WCAL Secretary

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