Feb 25 2021 Board mtg minutes

The February 25, 2021 WCAL board meeting was held via zoom & called to order by Janet Knapp. In attendance were: President Janet Knapp, Vice President Karon Bloo Marine, Secretary Jean Weed, Treasurer John Klug, Programs Chair Carol Meissner, Publicity/Facebook Chair Nancy Peterson, Courthouse Show Chair Meena Vijay, WRAP Show Chair Jan Wood

Courthouse Show: Meena hoping the Courthouse Show will be in person this year. Possibly in fall depending on COVID19.  

Membership: There was a discussion about inviting interested people to the zoom meetings. A guest can come twice but then will be asked to pay the membership fee. Karon will keep track of attendance and let Jean know of guests’ status & whether to admit to zoom meetings. Attempt(s) will be made to guests to become a paying member. We will collect full yearly dues. Janet will get an email to Margaret to send to membership regarding our March 17 meeting date and that membership fee is due.

Treasurer: The Board has received the Dec. and Jan. reports. John will go over Feb. at next membership meeting. Basically WCAL took in over $3000 and spent a little over $3000. Mentioned that Show Chairs know their budget amounts and awards responsibilities and also that they pass that info on to future chairs. Ask Treasurer for those numbers.

Programs: It was decided that the March meeting will be a show & tell of what members are working on. Also show their masters challenge pieces. Members can either hold up their art or send an image to Jean to share screen. Carol has been looking into speakers & critiquers for future meetings.

Vice President: Janet went over the role responsibilities (as listed on the Constitution/Bylaws and Operational Guidelines) for Karon. Karon will take attendance at meetings. She will let Jean know of guests’s status for zoom admittance.

Secretary: Jean plans to keep pro zoom account & will continue to share using it with WCAL. A discussion followed about potential in person meetings and when that might occur. Also about how some have received the COVID19 vaccinations and some haven’t and some are not yet eligible. We will continue meeting via zoom & see how it goes.

Website: Janet and John’s contact information will be added to the website. Jean will put it in one of the widgets. Janet reports that added protection has been added to the security of the website. Janet will ask Joel to see about any further security enhancements.

Member Show: Renee reports nothing new at this time. The 2020 show went really well although has no specific data about number of views. She, personally, received good comments about the show to those she shared with. She will contact Oconomowoc Art Center about the 2021 Show. UPDATE: Renee fwd email to Board on 2/26… excerpt from John Cramer OAC… “At this point we are mildly optimistic, and tentatively planning on a full season September 2021 to June 2022 so WCAL will be in the December slot.  That could change, of course, since we really don’t know when we will be back to normal, or even close to normal.” A discussion about potentially at the Waukesha Civic Theater especially during an Art Walk (?). As a member show or an additional venue. Janet thought maybe down the road WCAL could rent a place downtown for a show.

WRAP Show: This will be Jan Wood’s last year as WRAP Chair. Jan has been the WRAP Show Chair for 12 years. Jan mentioned that the $400 donation coming from Jan’s financial advisor will continue as support even after Jan’s term ends. She also thinks that our WRAP show is probably number 1 in having extra awards as compared to the other WRAP shows. Jan mentioned she received an email from an art group in Eagle River requesting free entries and workshop fees. Jan explained that the professional critiquers and demonstrators involved with WRAP are paid. She suggested to them that their group support each other with who will enter and sponsor their own with the entry fees. There is a great 2021 WRAP brochure. March 27 is the WRAP sign-up deadline. Do this on the AWA website. It will be a virtual show. Up to three works of art for the entry fee. Jan can help with the quality of your photo if needed. The 15 works of art that Jan has received so far are not from WCAL members. Please sign-up and submit your entries.

Facebook/Publicity. Nancy brought up quandry about being a FB member and about being a WCAL member and how to handle. After much discussion: Jean will put contact information about joining WCAL on the Website. Once updated brochure and/or form is done, a link to it can be put on the website. Nancy will be working on updating sometime this year. Janet will send Nancy the artwork. The brochure can be made more simply and less costly. A suggestion was made that it could be color copied on nicer paper for reasonable cost at Vista Print or Office Depot. It will need to include contact info and where to send membership fee to. Janet and John are fine with putting their contact info on the website and the brochure. The brochure/form will include info about where to send membership fee… can be mailed to WCAL Treasurer at John’s home address. Nancy receives requests to join via FB. She needs first to find out if they are qualifying area residents for WCAL membership. Nancy has sent some articles (like the hospital project) to the Freeman and the Journal. Unfortunately, they do not get put into the papers. Times are changing.

President: Janet kept the meeting roling and had much input into every agenda item. Regarding monthly challenges; Janet has some ideas; if you have any please send to her. She will also bring it up at the March membership meeting. A few ideas came up: upside down picture, crayola art, negative painting. Janet had a thought of another get-together: outdoors…a potluck sort of paint throw/splattering. We can think more about this & potentially do it later in the year. Or some other activity; perhaps the plein-air contest in Waukesha in the fall. Janet spoke about a potential exhibit venue. Could also contact City Hall again; we currently not because of COVID19.

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