President’s Newsletter March 2021

Hello Artist friends,
I hope you had a restful and productive three months and are ready to start up our WCAL meetings again. I do look forward to seeing and speaking with you again, even if it is on zoom. My hope is that even if our meetings continue on zoom, we will find ways to see each other in person somehow during the warmer months. Maybe before the year is over, we will have our meetings in person again. Time will tell.

I saw my first Robin of the year on Wednesday  and saw some bulbs pushing up through the ground and realized that this long winter is finally coming to an end. Wisconsin winters teamed up with social distancing can make for challenging times. I have signed up for some outdoor art activities and am so looking for life to slowly become normal again.  Maybe at our first meeting we can talk about ideas for outdoor activities. 

Our first meeting of the year will take place on Wednesday, March 17th, which is also St. Patrick’s Day. If you are so inclined, wear something  green. We will  meet at 6:30 . If you were a member last year, you should receive an invitation by email. If you want to invite someone as a guest, let us know and we can also send them an invitation. We still hope to grow our group.  We will be starting our year with an artist “Show and Tell”.  It will gave us a chance to show others what we have done recently or over our winter break. It could be a painting or another creative endeavor. Sharing our creativity with each other can definitely inspire creativity in each other. I know I get challenged and inspired by seeing your work.

Our dues are due by the end of March, please send a $25. check made out to WCAL to John Klug. After March 31, the dues will be $30. If you know someone that wants to join have them contact me  or send me their address at (262-893-9526). You can also contact John with membership questions at (262-901-8311).

Please send your dues to:

WCAL Treasurer 
3167 Madison St.
Waukesha, WI  53188

Our challenge for our winter break was to make a copy of a painting done by one of the Old Masters. I am looking forward to seeing what you have done. I am always amazed. 
Our next challenge will be to make a piece of art that includes a  “puddle” . Puddles always intrigue me this time of year. I often find myself trying to capture them in a photograph. Sometimes there is a rainbow hidden  inside them or birds congregating near them or images reflected in them . Have fun searching for an interesting puddle and share a photo or a painting at our April meeting. 

I am looking forward to an awesome year growing as artists together.
Janet Knapp

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