President’s Newsletter April 2021

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein

Hello artist friends,
It is so exciting to see our membership growing for the year! We are glad to have you all be part of our group. We are anxious to learn and be encouraged by the new members and hope that we also have something to offer to you. Feel free to bring, ( by way of zoom), a guest to see if this is a group they might enjoy. We have a member from Texas and Florida this year! This is only possible because we are meeting virtually.   Carol Meissner has a year full of fun activities, presentations and critiques planned for us. We also have an optional challenge every month. More people are starting to volunteer for coming up with the challenges, so less of them will be from me. It will be exciting to see what the year has in store. 

We also have opportunities to participate in Art contests, shows and have opportunities to exhibit our work. Right now the WRAP show is being displayed both digitally ( and physically! It is great that we were able to hang our work at the Oconomowoc Arts Center. Last year we didn’t have that opportunity. Life is slowly becoming normal again. Thank you so much Jan Wood for making this all happen. We appreciate all your hard work and enthusiasm. Thanks also to all who helped with hanging the work. I was again impressed with all the creativity that was on display. I enjoyed getting to see several of you in person when I brought my paintings in.

Our challenge for the April meeting is to share a painting or photo with a puddle theme. For a while I was thinking we wouldn’t have many puddles to pick from because of the lack of rain, but that changed the last few days. you can either hold your picture up at the meeting or send it to Jean Weed by noon Wednesday 4/21 and she can display it on zoom. We will also be having a critique at our next meeting – also send images to Jean by noon 4/21.

Meenakshi came up with a fun idea for our May challenge. You will find the message from Meena regarding this exciting challenge at the end of this President’s letter.

As a side note, While hunting for another book I found a fun art themed children’s book, which I ended up purchasing. It is called ”Micawber”, and was written by C.F. Payne.
It is about a squirrel that got inspired to paint by peeking through the windows of an Art Museum, watched someone painting a copy of a Monet and fell in love with  the process of painting. I enjoyed reading it.
Happy  Painting!
Janet Knapp

Art Challenge Idea from Meena
On one of my social media meanderings, I came across this Ohio-based Artist Dave who creates these wonderful altered art pieces using paintings from  Goodwill. He adds movie and pop culture characters to paintings. Here is his website: His Instagram handle is @daveruinsart. I thought his work looked pretty interesting and fun. Maybe it can be a fun thing to try out for a monthly challenge. Since we WCAL artists  have diverse styles I think it would be fun to expand upon the idea of altered art.  Each artist can get any piece of art or something else from goodwill or other stores  and use it  as a platform to add something unique to it and make it their own. We don’t need to limit ourselves to paintings and science fiction alone, any piece works, the quirkier the piece the better! The only rule would be to NOT purchase anything firsthand from a big box store or Amazon.  I will show the calendar I purchased from him at the meeting.

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