WCAL minutes April 21, 2021

The April 21, 2021 meeting was held via zoom. Janet Knapp, President, called the business meeting to order at 6:30 pm. 21 WCAL members plus Bob Gurgul (critique artist) were in attendance.

Membership: John introduced his sister Janet who spoke of her art group in Florida which hasn’t been meeting due to closure of their senior center. She is happy to join & meet us (via zoom).

Treasurer: John reported thru March 31, began month with 3130.37; took in $810 in dues payments less a $5 refund for an overpayment. Ending March balance of 3935.37 So far in April, took in $720 for WRAP and $75 dues payments, $200 expenses for April and May programs. Have a total of 36 members which is not far off from last year.

Secretary: March business meeting minutes are complete and posted on the website. Will continue to post minutes to the WCAL website; no longer emailing to membership unless specifically requested by individual(s). Will bring a couple hardcopies to in-person meetings. Posted the WRAP info and the Presidents letter to webpage.

Programs: May program presentation will be contemporary acrylic artist, Becky Bormann. Becky teaches at Sharon Lynne Wilson Center. Carol has future speakers/programs setup. Margaret mentioned that the church where we meet in-person is now open. She will check with them about us meeting there. Janet will survey membership about in-person meetings; we will explore including virtual. Update: Margaret emailed that the church council is in process of deciding about groups meeting there. The church will get back to Margaret. Church secretary mentioned that there may be a $25 fee per meeting. A couple emails among our board regarding the WCAL donation followed.

WRAP Show: Jan secured 6 weeks at OAC for the Waukesha/Oconomowoc WRAP Art exhibit. The artwork from all but 6 participants is on display. It is beautiful show! Google the Oconomowoc Art Center for their open hours. Wear a mask but social distancing probably not an issue. Art pickup is Sunday May 16. WRAP Workshop is Saturday May 22 (via zoom). Workshop is open to non-participants for $5; email Jan Wood. Prof Michael K Julian is the presenter and critic. He will pick a piece from each artist, and these top 34 will be critiqued. From there he will pick other award winners (12 States, 12 HMs, 3rd, 2nd and Best of Show). The Professor had previously critiqued one of our member shows. Jan mentioned his very thoughtful takes to artists at that show. Anyone can vote for Best of Show…choose two artworks, vote once; email to Jan. Currently a number are tied for BOS.

Courthouse Show: The county website is still showing our gallery. Jean screen shared it while the meeting continued.

Member’s Show, Exhibits: Renee spoke with OAC. Things could change but right now we are in place to setup on Saturday Nov 27. Our show would be up thru the holidays. We would take down Tuesday January 4th. Probably will be an artist reception.

Facebook/Publicity: Nancy sent in an article re: the WRAP Show to Milw Journal and the Waukesha Freeman. Has not yet seen them published. Please let her know if you see them. Looks like FB is changing public groups, the biggest being that anyone can join without restriction She mentioned that some other fb groups have rules. Would like it to be open to artists to show their work and for their comments; but not as place for selling. Nancy will continue to investigate and will keep us informed. . She will be emailing the board with ideas and for input on how to handle. Posting traffic may increase; another administrator to handle may be needed.

May Challenge: by Meena; like the artist style of Dave from Canton OH she had previously emailed the membership about. Check out his website which Meena included in that email. Purchase an item from a thrift store such as Goodwill. Then alter that item by adding to it with something unexpected but then…“oh yeah…it does fit”. Meena showed Dave’s art from his calendar.

April Challenge: 8 puddle pieces and 1 masters were shared.  April Program: Bob Gurgul critiqued 14 pieces of member art.

Other: On a personal note, Janet and her husband have rented a studio at the Springs on Wisconsin Ave on the Fox River & may be at Art Crawls. Janet is investigating, asking around, about a potential place for WCAL… someplace/sometime (for an Art Crawl space).  A discussion followed about the Waukesha buildings downtown, art crawls and Les Paul and his guitars. Holly mentioned an artshow Saturday May 1 Delafield Senior Center at Fish Hatchery.

Old/New Business: none

Adjourn: Meeting adjourned 9pm.

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