WCAL minutes May 19, 2021

The May 19, 2021 meeting was held via zoom. Janet Knapp, President, called the business meeting to order at approximately 6:30 pm. 20 WCAL members plus Beki Borman (demonstrating artist) were in attendance. Janet & Bloo welcomed new member.

Secretary: Jean reports April business meeting minutes are complete and posted on the website.

Treasurer: John reported for April: income of $720 WRAP registration fees and $75 membership dues received. Expenses of $100 for April critique and $100 for May demonstration. Ending April balance of 4530.37. Currently have a total of 36 members.

Programs: Carol will introduce our speaker tonight- Beki Borman. Beki will be joining in at 7 pm and demonstrating her acrylic art. June program will be a critique with Thomas Buchs, award winning plein air artist from Shorewood.

WRAP Show: Jan mentions that the zoom event is this Saturday. She has sent out the link and will again on Thurs or Fri. The email invite will include the agenda. Jan will be docent for the show, guest presenter will speak, then a critique, then the awards announcement. Every artist will be featured during the critique; because everyone’s voice in art is important. Jan thanks WCAL participants as 18 of the 34 WRAP artists are from WCAL. Just finished up the public exhibit art show at the Oconomowoc Art Center; artwork was picked up on Sunday. The Oconomowoc/Waukesha WRAP this year includes the online gallery, the exhibit at OAC and the virtual event.

Courthouse Show: Meena absent. Janet has nothing new to report regarding the courthouse show. Jean will email the May challenge artwork pieces to Meena since it was her idea.

Member’s Show: Renee reports nothing new. The event is scheduled for next winter/Christmas time. The basic info and dates are on the WCAL website. Drop off after Thanksgiving, show is up during the Holidays, pickup is in January. Look for more info closer to the date. Hopefully everything stays open.

Facebook/Publicity: Nancy talked about coming changes to public Facebook groups. She has checked out a dozen or so other art Facebook sites to see how they are setup as far as rules, missions etc. She has sent emails with ideas to the WCAL board & some decisions have been made. The main issue is about who can be members of our FB group & the potential loss of ability to control that. We would like to remain a more serious artist group. Until Facebook actually makes the change; it is hard for Nancy to know exactly what will happen and how to handle. Nancy gets lots of questions about our Facebook. She says to expect changes and talked about how she intends to setup the page. She explained a bit about public versus private groups. Issues will be further discussed by the board.

Exhibits: Bloo has not received any new signups for Brookfield Library. It available after June 30. The Delafield Library is available for the month of July. Bloo is going to ask if can use their showcase too. Janet will include info in next President’s letter. Members can contact Karon Bloo Marine to signup & for more info.

Challenge: 7 artists for the May challenge and one piece for the previous Masters challenge.

New/Old Business/Other: Janet says that the church will welcome us back for our in-person meeting; but we don’t yet know when or the parameters. We will probably not be able to do hybrid meetings ie: in-person and zoom at the same time. Please email or call Janet or a board member with your thoughts about meeting in-person or continuing zooms. The board will discuss; perhaps will ask for a membership vote.

Program: Beki Borman, contemporary artist did a presentation of her specialty – pallet knife painting. Visit her website at BekiBorman.com and her Instagram is Bekipaintland.

Adjourn: Meeting adjourned 8:30 pm.

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