WRAP Show 2021 Winners!

From Jan Wood:
Hello you amazing artists!  This has been a true labor of love being your Wrap Coordinator.  Here are the results of the Waukesha/Oconomowoc Wrap workshop May 22nd on Zoom:

Top 34 Finalists:     https://adobe.ly/3uavZjX
(view the full virtual gallery:  https://adobe.ly/39ypoIj )

12 Honorable Mention:
Honorable Mentions:  Sherry Ackerman, Judith Buzzell, Renee Couture, Alex Gapotchenko, Anita Hagen, Heidi Hallett, Jennifer Herro, Barbara Kelsey, John Klug, Janet Knapp, Holly Paulsen, and Susan Porubcan

12 State Exhibit Awards (When I know developments of the AWA conference, I will let you know.)
State Exhibit Awards:  David Bueschel, Susan Cadkin, Jayne Cappelletti, John Hallett, Karon Bloo Marine, Jenna Plyer, Susan Schwegel, Kathleen Sletten, Charlene Southworth, Mary Steinhardt, Jean Weed, and Mark Yanny.

People’s Choice Award:  Anita Hagen, $100
Award of Excellence III:  Kathleen Sletten,$50
Award of Excellence II:  John Hallett, $100
Best of Show:  Karon Bloo Marine, $250

Thank you all for participating.  You have made this workshop one that I will never forget!  If you want the Waukesha/Oconomowoc Wrap show to continue, volunteer to be its coordinator moving forward.  I will be happy to be an advisor. After 12 years, thanks for the memories!  Jan

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