Thomas Buchs, Artist Bio

The program for the WCAL membership meeting on Wednesday June 16, 2021 will be a critique by award winning plein air artist Thomas Buchs. Here is his bio:

Thomas Buchs -Oil Painting   I attended Layton School of Art and became an Illustrator, creating artwork for advertising and childrens books for many national and local companies during the last 46 years. During summers I exhibited at Art Fairs and also did Pastel Portraits.  Recently I have been doing Plein Air Painting ( painting from life outdoors). Much of my current work is representative of this discipline. I try to capture the light and atmosphere of a scene within a few hours. I believe that a painting is not just a two dimensional illusion, but also that of a moment in life, captured by an artist on canvas. I am a founding member of Wisconsin Plein Air Painters Association. The WIPAPA has been established as a state wide fellowship of artists dedicated to promoting and practicing the traditional discipline of Plein Air painting. Members seek to honestly interpret the natural and man-made beauty and diversity of Wisconsin’s landscapes and culture. We will strive to enhance member’s skills and reputations by providing regular opportunities to paint outdoors together, and to critique our work  and share our expertise with fellow artists in order to maintain the highest standards  of the Plein Air tradition of painting. I have found that while doing a painting outdoors I am immersed in the moment ,what I mean is that later when I look at the painting I can remember all the things that went on as I painted, the weather, the birds singing, a small animal moving through the scene, people who have stopped to talk to me. The memories are all part of the painting.

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