WCAL minutes June, 2021

The June 16, 2021 meeting was held in-person at Christ the Servant Lutheran Church in Waukesha. Janet Knapp, President, called the business meeting to order at 6:30 pm. 22 WCAL members plus Thomas Buchs were in attendance. Janet & Bloo welcomed guest. 

Secretary: Jean reports May business meeting minutes are complete and posted on the website. Thanks/applause were given to Jean for her work over the past months with zoom meetings. 

Treasurer: John absent. Shannon reported April balance 4530.37. May: income of $140 WRAP registration fees and membership due received. Expenses of $312.05 for judge, award and postage. Ending May balance of 4358.32. Breakdown: 75.43 in Reserve; 1514.93 WRAP; 60.76 Courthouse Show; 327.50 Member Show; 2379.70 General Fund. 

Programs: Carol will introduce our artist for tonight’s critique program – Thomas Buchs. The July program will be a demonstration. She will send out more info.
WRAP Show: Jan appreciates and thanks all for the memories of her 12 years as coordinator. Applause and Thanks Jan! The 12 state award winners will exhibit at the Pyle Center. Top three: Bloo Marine received Best of Show; 2nd John Hallett, 3rd Kathleen Sletten. For list of the 12 State Exhibit Awards, 12 Honorable Mentions and People’s Choice see the WCAL website, Facebook and the email. Jan announced that Jenna Plyer will be the new WRAP Show Coordinator for Waukesha/Oconomowoc. Applause! Jenna is one of our 12 state award winners this year for her photography piece. Jan will be helping Jenna. The date is already set for the 2021 show and workshop at the Oconomowoc Art Center. 

Courthouse Show: Meena absent but sent email. Bloo reads: Meena spoke with Hilda; Courthouse slowly returning to in-person activities and asks to follow-up in a couple of weeks. Meena holding off with purchase award request until hears further from Hilda. There is cautious optimism regarding doing the show in person. Otherwise will do online. Margaret will suggest to Meena go ahead with the award request; county budgeting reasons. If the show would not occur at all can return the check.
Member’s Show: Renee received an email from John at OAC. Need to change the date for setup. Either Monday or Tuesday Nov 22 or 23. Show of hands from those present voted for Monday Nov 22. The take-down will remain same date of January 4. In past $10 for 3 pieces; this may change to somewhere between $10-$20. There will be a cost for a judge this year. The exhibit will be up during the holidays. Artist Reception was discussed and more info will come. Renee has been in touch with Tudor Oaks. There is a new contact person; Carmelia Wilson. Sept – Oct is open; contact Tudor Oaks or Carmelia directly. Janet thought perhaps our Masters challenge pieces could be exhibited there sometime. Renee may take November. In the past the Tudor Oaks exhibit can be done individually or groups. 

Facebook/Publicity: Nancy working on the Facebook rules and will send her final version to the board soon. Members should note that they will see a change in the WCAL Facebook – our description and a set of rules. This is to help with the integrity of our FB group. A side discussion regarding the website and some inappropriate content by hackers in the past: Janet reminds that Joel has added some anti-scam to the site. This has helped. WCAL google search- you need to scroll down farther to find. 

Exhibits: Bloo reminds that the Delafield library is available for exhibiting your artwork. It is a nice wall as you enter the library. For July 5 WCAL artists are signed-up: Susan, Bloo, Marie, Renee and Janet. Anyone can exhibit at the Delafield Library – there is an application –Contact Stephanie Ramirez  sramirez@delafieldlibrary.org 

Challenge: a number of pieces shown for the June challenge: paint something other than on canvas or paper. July Challenge is to paint using pallet knives (inspired by last month’s presentation by Beki Borman). 

New/Old Business/Other: none 
Program: Critique by plein air artist Thomas Buchs. 

Adjourn: Meeting adjourned 8:45 pm. 

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