WCAL minutes July 2021

The July 21, 2021 meeting was held in-person at Christ the Servant Lutheran Church in Waukesha. Janet Knapp, President, called the business meeting to order at 6:30 pm. 23 WCAL members plus 3 guests and Beth Stoddard (artist demonstrator) were in attendance. Guests were introduce and welcomed. Also special welcome to Bill T.

Treasurer: John reported June activity: voided refund of $5 overpayment from March (a credit). Expenses total $300: church donation of $150 for use of meeting room, $100 Tom Buchs for June critique, refunds of two out-of-state member dues total of $50. June 30 balance 4063.32. Breakdown: 75.43 in Reserve; 1514.93 WRAP; 60.76 Courthouse Show; 327.50 Member Show; 2084.70 General Fund.

Secretary: Jean reported June business meeting minutes are complete and posted on the website.

Programs: Carol will introduce our artist for tonight’s demonstration – Beth Stoddard when program starts. The August program will be a critique by artist Irene Angeles. Bring your pieces for critique to the August 18th meeting.

Courthouse Show: Meena reported that the show is happening in-person (Sept-Nov). Waiting for the check. Art drop-off and pick-up need to wear a mask only if not vaccinated. Margaret will send out the artist agreement to the membership via email. Those entering Courthouse Show should read, sign and give to Meena. She will also send out the Courthouse Show brochure with form. The brochure will explain what will be needed and specific dates/times.

Member’s Show: Renee reminds us that it will be at the Oconomowoc Art Center. Drop-off and setup Monday Nov 22nd 1-3pm. Takedown and pickup Tuesday Jan 4th 1-3 pm. Update 7/26/21 via email from Renee: The Artist Reception will be Friday December 17 5-6:15pm. This info is posted on the WCAL website. More details to come but usually 1-3 pieces, no size limitation. Last year did this event online so didn’t cost much; have some $ in the Member’s Show account so will probably keep entry at $10 for all 3 pieces. Intending to get a judge.

WRAP Show: Jan gave an overview of  WRAP program to the new people attending this meeting. The artists juried into conference received an email regarding drop off date change: the drop-off dates are Tuesday August 3rd or Friday August 6th. See your email for times. There will be 3 floors of art on display at the Pyle Center. The Conference is Friday & Saturday Sept 24 and 25. Jan mentioned that Friday is Evening with the Arts with an award event for Tiny Treasures. WCAL won $50 for the most participants (7 artists) in Tiny Treasures. Betty will be in the Tiny Treasures calendar-month of February. She will be in attendance Friday evening and so will pick up the $50  award on behalf of WCAL. Jan will then get this $ to John (WCAL treasurer). Visit wisartist.org to see the Tiny Treasures gallery.The WRAP year ended June 30 so the next workshops around the state will start sometime in Sept after the conference.

Facebook/Publicity: Nancy posted the new rules/guidelines on Facebook. Does not see much difference in activity.

Exhibits: Bloo reports that the Delafield library is available for us for August. Current artists can leave their pieces up for another month or other artists can switch in. Need artists for August for Brookfield library (two members will but will probably need another). Brookfield Library is an on-going gallery space for WCAL. Bloo has been in contact with Tudor Oaks; they are not yet ready. Janet mentioned Courthouse gallery; Bloo will contact Hilda. There was discussion about how to go about displaying at our venues; the size of artwork/how to hang. It will be put on the meeting agenda for future month. A good idea is to visit these galleries. Contact Bloo if you would like to display your art at these venues.

Challenge: a number of pieces shown for the July challenge: paint with pallet knives only. Also some from previous challenges. August challenge is to paint with gold or metal (gilding, gold flakes, metallic paint) or on metal. Some gilding is edible – maybe someone will bake? See Janet’s July newsletter and the WCAL website for more info.

New/Old Business/Other: Janet plans to schedule a board meeting in August. We will be talking about new officers. She mentioned the Art Crawl in Waukesha occurring first Saturday in August. She will be participating as well as Nancy Wilson, Beki Borman, Tom Smith, Tom Buchs…stop by the Springs. Janet is going to make a couple calls to find out about WCAL potentially participating in future art crawl.

Program: Demonstration of oil painting by artist Beth Stoddard. Her website is www.bethstoddard.com

Adjourn: Meeting adjourned approximately 8:45 pm.