September 9, 2021 Board meeting minutes

The September 9, 2021 WCAL board meeting was held at Christ the Servant Lutheran Church meeting room & called to order by Janet Knapp. In attendance were: President Janet Knapp, Secretary Jean Weed, Treasurer John Klug, Programs Chair Carol Meissner, Publicity/Facebook Chair Nancy Peterson, Courthouse Show Chair Meena Vijay, WRAP Show Chair Jan Wood

Agenda included: Welcome, Discuss plans for meeting, Board member reports plus plans for next year for positions.

President, replacement, nomination system, challenges: Janet will not be WCAL President in 2022. Asked those present if interested. No-one volunteered for the president position. She will ask others; there are a few possibilities.  Many have been doing much over the years. Janet says is not a difficult position. If president position not filled there will be no WCAL. Jan W suggests to let everyone know of responsibilities (note: the Constitution/Bylaws and Operational Guidelines being emailed to membership very soon). Some other suggestions included: switching roles of some current board, rotating president each month, co-presidents, board members take turns. Janet will bring the matter up at the Sept membership meeting. Janet reports that is it very difficult to form a nominating committee from membership; so the board is (has been) it. Janet would like to help/organize the monthly challenges in 2022. A number of challenge suggestions were discussed: John suggests for October- drawing with crayons (a reflection of sorts – kindergarten to now). Draw any subject matter. He will bring some drawing (watercolor) paper to next meeting to share with others. Janet will mention this in her next newsletter. Ideas for future challenges: Janet suggested everyone painting from the same photo reference. Perhaps all could bring photo(s) and group could vote on one to paint. Nancy suggested painting from a color photo in the negative. Other suggestions: using primary colors, black/white gray landscapes, painting using reference from a certain photographer.  

Vice President: Bloo absent. Janet mentioned that Bloo willing to serve again in 2022. 

Treasurer, amendment change: John agreed to serve as Treasurer in 2022. He gave breakdown of accounts and activity. Balance 4143.32. This will be reported again at the Sept membership meeting. He proposed an amendment to Operational Guidelines (Dues third bullet point) to read: If a new member joins mid-year (July 1st or later) their dues shall be $15.00 for the rest of the year ending December 31st. Proposal approved by all board members present. Jean will update the OPGs and ask Margaret to email to the membership. 

Secretary: Jean agreed to serve as Secretary in 2022. She would be willing to switch to Member Show Chair if needed, if someone else willing to do Secretary. Regarding website Jean will continue to help out & do the simple posts and deletions but anything more is too much. A Website Chair is needed. Janet mentioned that her son is learning computer and may be interested in helping with the website. She will ask Joel about removing calendar and comments. A board decision was made to eliminate the need for members to log-in (remove the members page). Went thru the menu items: move exhibit schedules to home page; delete the rest. Members will receive info via non-login webpages, facebook and emails.  Log-in area still needed for editors/administrators. There was discussion about who to contact about joining WCAL. Jean reminded that Janet and John’s contact info (which had been previously okay’d by them) is on the webpage for that purpose. This will change in future and will need to be handled then. 

WRAP Show: Jan Wood present. Jenna Plyer will be WRAP Chair in 2022; Jan will help her. Jan went to the Pyle Center – the 2 floors of art is very nice!

Courthouse Show: Meena agreed to serve as Courthouse Show Chair in 2022. She has received entry paperwork from 7 artists for the Show. Deadline is Sept 25. She will bring paperwork to Sept membership meeting. Need more artists to enter. Meena will contact some from previous years. May extend deadline if needed. May increase number of pieces can enter if needed. 

Member Show: Renee absent. Janet mentioned that Renee could do Member Show again in 2022 but would prefer not to. Jean read from email received from Renee: that she not able to attend the board meeting; to let board know that Member Show info is posted to the website; that she has sent info to Margaret to email to membership. 
Programs, end of year party: Carol agrees to serve as Programs Chair in 2022. A discussion and decision made about the Sept demonstration format having to do with artists’ need to pre-soak paper. This demo by artist Annie Cannistra will be ecoprinting – a special process to print leaves/plants on paper . Compliments to Carol for the programming she has put in place. She mentioned had approached Wilson Center and Almont Gallery artists who agreed to come. John and Janet suggested some other resources for future. End-of-year party: a number of suggestions made- perhaps a painting larger than an ATC, games (pallet game as described by Janet, or board games), a show & tell. Food will be decided about later as well; COVID concerns.
Facebook/Publicity: Nancy agrees to serve as Facebook/Publicity Chair in 2022. Some wanting to join Facebook group did not answer the questions. Suggestion made to delete those. Also sometimes cannot see much of a person’s site to see if have an art interest. Nancy’s next project is to revise the WCAL brochure.