WCAL meeting minutes October 2021

The October 20, 2021 meeting was held in-person at Christ the Servant Lutheran Church in Waukesha. Janet Knapp, President, called the business meeting to order at approx 6:30 pm. About 18 WCAL members plus Ann Thomas (tonight’s artist) were in attendance. No new members or guests at this meeting. President Knapp reminded that next month –November- is the last member meeting until March. We will have our end-of-year party at the November meeting. 

Secretary: Jean read the correspondence that was sent to John; a Thank-you letter from AWA/WRAP for the WCAL sponsorship of award; a Thank-you card from Mary Wehner – the winner of the award. Sept meeting minutes are on the website. Additional note added: a picture of “From Above” by Mary Wehner was posted to both Facebook and the WCAL website. It can also be viewed on the AWA/WRAP website. 
Treasurer: John absent. Shannon reported Sept activity. Beginning balance of 4143.32. Income of $180 from mid-yr dues, a voided check and AWA award to WCAL; all to General Fund. Expenses of $100 for Sept demo. Ending balance of 4223.32 
Courthouse Show: Meena announced the winners. Honorable Mentions: Margaret Schumann, Janet Knapp, Renee Couture. 1st place: Charles Mead, 2nd place: Jan Wood, Best of Show: Nance Peterson. Meena read Beth Stoddard’s (judge) general overview remarks about the show.  Beth also wrote narratives for each winner. Meena will get an email to all members with this info as well as date/time for artist pickup. Meena thanks all for their help and participation.  

Member’s Show: Renee has received a couple emails. Entry form is on the website; she also brought some to this meeting. Also brought printed poster flyers and mini posters. Please take to distribute. Can make more if needed. Last year had brought to public library(ies) but then found they did not post ex: because it depends on area and their space. Let her know if you think a public library will post and she will handle. Renee has a binder for artists to keep an artist statement and/or bio and business cards if desired. This is optional but it is suggested for the Member’s Show. Need help for check-in, hanging art, food for reception. She passed around sign-up sheets. You can email Renee with your entry form (& follow up with a check in the mail) or bring both to next meeting Nov 17. Also your artist piece for binder (optional) and to let her know if you can help at the show. It was suggested to create an event in Facebook; a discussion followed about how to share (public vs private). 
WRAP Show: Jenna: nothing new. Dates are set. She in midst of contacting a judge.  

Facebook/Publicity: Nancy continued discussion about Facebook. Since she is the Facebook Administrator, she would be the one to make the event and will look into it.  
Challenge:  October challenge; use crayons – 18 pieces were shown. Also had a few from prev months-eco printing and Jackson Pollock. The November challenge is to do a piece like Audubon; wildlife or botanical. An Audubon Association website has high resolution images can download for free if you need. Do your piece in pencils or watercolor as Audubon did. 

Exhibits: Bloo (VP) not in attendance. 
2022 Officers: Will wait until November to vote. Most officers willing to serve again. Charlene and Marie G willing to do 2022 Member Show. There is a potential candidate for President; will be announced soon.  Janet Knapp will continue to organize monthly challenges. Jenna P willing to take WRAP Chair. 

New/Old Business/Other: Let Margaret know if you haven’t been receiving emails. Margaret mentioned death of Linda Steinlein’s husband Fred. Linda was a long-time member of WCAL. Margaret will email info of Fred’s Service. 
Programs: Carol: Tonight’s program will be a demonstration by artist Ann Thomas; pen/ink and watercolor. Next month, November; will have end-of-yr party. Asked group to vote about bringing food – majority yes. Bring a simple snack to share. Carol will bring beverages. Also bring 5×7 framed or matted artwork for exchange. Can bring more than one. Carol is planning a game/activity. 

Business meeting Adjourn: Meeting adjourned approx 7:00 followed by program. 
Program: A demonstration of pen/ink and watercolor by artist Ann Thomas.