WCAL minutes November 2021

The November 17, 2021 meeting was held in-person at Christ the Servant Lutheran Church in Waukesha. Janet Knapp, President, & Bloo Marine presided over the meeting. Called to order at 6:30 pm. About 20 WCAL members were in attendance. No new members or guests at this meeting. This is the last member meeting until March 2022. 
Nomination of 2022 Officers: The names of nominations were read, motioned and voted on. All in attendance raised hands in favor and ayed to the slate: President-Karon Bloo Marine; Vice-President-Sue Cadkin; Secretary-Jean Marie Weed; Treasurer-John Klug; Programs-Carol Meissner; Facebook/Publicity-Nancy Peterson; WRAP Show-Jenna Plyer; Courthouse Show-Meenakshi Vijay; Member Show- Charlene Southworth and Marie Gunther. Many thanks and rounds of applause to out-going officers: Janet Knapp (President), Renee Couture (Member Show for about 8-9 yrs) and Jan Wood (WRAP 7 yr and before that 5 yr Courthouse Show). Also thanks & applause to Margaret (just the messenger) and all the continuing officers. 

Programs: Carol: Tonight’s program is our end-of-year party. Art exchange and food. 

Exhibits: Bloo: Brookfield Library- currently Jean Marie Weed, Marie Hurley and Kellie Nagel thru November. Cindy Mueller for month of December. Need artist(s) for January and February-let Bloo know if you can. An email will go out; it is easier if artists signup beforehand. Bloo will get exhibit info to new VP Sue Cadkin. 

Secretary: October minutes are complete and posted to website. 
Treasurer: John reported Oct activity & accounts. Beginning balance of 4223.32. Revenue of $590 (565 Courthouse Shoe entry fees & 2022 pd in advance dues). Expenses totaling $800 breakdown as: Oct demo 100, Courthouse Show judge 125, Courthouse Show awards: Nancy Peterson 1st 350.00, Jan Wood 2nd 100.00, Charles Mead 3rd 50.00, Honorable Mentions each $25: Margaret Schumann, Janet Knapp & Renee Couture. October 21, 2021 ending balance of 4013.32. Reserve 75.43, WRAP 1,614.93, Courthouse Show 275.76, Member Show 327.50, General Fund 1,719.70. Member dues for 2022 will once again be due March 31, 2022. Send in $25 before that date to avoid the $5 late fee. John will have an email sent to members now and again in February. Dues can be mailed to John or brought to the March meeting.  
Member’s Show: Renee can print out more invite flyers if you have somewhere you can post. Another to help hang the show and more help/munchies for the reception (Dec 17) needed. Renee can check on ticket availability to the OAC Nutcracker if anyone interested to attend. So far 15 artists (2-3 pieces each) have submitted entries. Irene Angeles will be the judge. 
WRAP Show: Jenna reports that Michael Julian has officially agreed to be the judge for the 2022 show. Entries (3 pieces each artist) will be due March 26, 2022 & the drop-off will be in April. 
Courthouse Show: Meena absent; no report. Bloo mentioned that winners are posted on website and that the show to occur at the same time next year. 

Facebook/Publicity: Nancy reports nothing new on FB. She has redone the WCAL brochure and has a good version. Printed some to be distributed at Member Show. Will discuss at next board meeting- quantity to print, distribution and any other issues/questions about the updated brochure. 
Challenge:  Janet Knapp will handle the challenges in new year; send any suggestions to her. November challenge-7 members had Audubon or in connection with his art. One crayon art piece. Challenge for the winter months is to do a piece of art (interpret how you like) after an old Master. Pick to learn from. 
New/Old Business/Other: In February there will be a board member. Contact any of the board members if you have any issues you would like them to discuss. Some members not receiving emails -Let Margaret know if you haven’t been, so she can get you on her list.  

Business meeting Adjourn: Meeting adjourned 7:04 followed by the end-of-year festivities.