WCAL Board meeting minutes- February 2022

The February 17, 2022 WCAL Board met at Christ the Servant Lutheran Church in Waukesha & called to order by Janet Knapp at approx 6:30 pm. In attendance were: Out-going President Janet Knapp, Out-going Member show Chair Renee Couture, President Karon Bloo Marine; Vice President Sue Cadkin; Secretary Jean Weed, Treasurer John Klug, Publicity/Facebook Chair Nancy Peterson, Member Show Co-Chair Charlene Southworth, WRAP Show Chair Jenna Plyer. Absent: Programs Chair Carol Meissner, Member Show Co-Chair Marie Gunther, Courthouse Show Chair Meena Vijay. Website Chair position is open.
Janet explained the purpose of the meeting: connect & transfer info to new chairs, reports from each office. Our new President, Bloo, then presided over the meeting. Janet enjoyed her time with as WCAL President, she thanks all for their help. Janet will head up the monthly challenges. March is old Master. She will discuss a future challenge idea with John-using photographs that members bring in. Each attendee introduced themselves, described a bit about their art and gave  reports. Renee brought historical photos of scholarship- Janet will put with the historical items. She has crates of WCAL papers including history. Asks the board what to do with it- decision was to have Janet go thru and use her expertise to keep or toss. Bloo offered to go thru with her. She may bring some items to a future meeting for members to look at. Other Chairs and Officers have purged un-necessary paperwork. This meetings’ reports are as follows:
Facebook/Publicity. Nancy mentioned that over the years she has sent articles to newspapers but unfortunately has not seen one published in a couple of years. This is most likely because of newspaper budget constraints. She will give it a try once in a while in future. She took over the Facebook Administration when the person who started the WCAL Facebook group left WCAL. She updated guidelines when they changed and just saw another notice about changes; she will check it out. Nancy revised the WCAL brochure & brought some to this meeting. Last November had showed it to the group for suggestions. John suggested to keep contact info general – to refer to the website. Website can be updated easier. Jean will remove Janet’s name from the website; Bloo prefers not to have her email on it. John said to put just his email on the website. There was a short discussion about having a web email and a PO box and determined not to pursue those. Nancy had printed some out on her personal printer. In future she will get done at a store and WCAL will reimburse her. It was decided that she should start out with 100. Will bring to March meeting, will give some to Sue for Brookfield Library, Janet will put some at her studio.
President: Bloo will need to keep meeting(s) focused on the agenda due to personal time constraints. Masking policy needs to be discussed. One more board meeting will be scheduled for summer. Bloo committed to be in president role for just one year. She would like to be more decisive about filling the role; thinks the Bylaws section 5 are vague in this regard & are in need of a backup plan in case no-one volunteers. Asks the board for ideas by this summer. She called church about masking policy- they require for church service but not for other meetings; they allow our group to make own decision. Much discussion followed of various masking opinions & senarios. Virus is around and we do not know underlying conditions. The meeting is only a few hours. Folks can sit farther apart if they choose. It was decided to require a mask (except when reports are being spoken) at the March meeting and will decide after that.
Treasurer: John Klug reports no new financial activity for January. January statements were emailed to board previous to this meeting. If a member wants a copy, they can ask John to email to them. John will have Margaret email membership about sending in dues very soon. Bloo will have Margaret email President letter separately. John reminds committee Chairs with program monies to look at the detail on the treasurers report- the amount that it shows is what that program has to work with plus any collected fees. Keep an eye on that bottom amount to avoid over-spending. Membership dues can be mailed to John or brought to the March meeting.
Courthouse Show: Meena absent.
Programs: Carol absent. March may be Show & Tell but Bloo will contact Carol and include more info in her forthcoming President letter/email.
Vice President: Sue will bring WCAL brochures to Brookfield Library since they have an area for that purpose. John, Renee and another artist at Brookfield in March- the beauty of winter theme (if possible). Can’t exhibit at Brookfield in April & May. Will need artists for June – busting out all over theme. Brookfield would like to have a bit of variety – so several artists and a theme. This is not made in stone. If you have any ideas of theme(s) contact Sue. Sue will ask about an area/case to display sculpture. Courthouse gallery: can exhibit there; perhaps April & May will be a good time- Sue has the necessary forms. She will bring this up a March meeting. Janet mentioned the Masters – she will discuss with Sue.
Secretary: Jean reports that although she is not the Website Chair she can continue to make simple posts to the WCAL webpages. As Secretary (this is third year in the office), she does the meeting minutes; posts them to the webpage; keeps hard copy in files. If a member wants a copy minutes, they can ask Jean to email to them. She will go thru the old Constitution/Bylaws, Operational Guidelines files that Janet gave her at this meeting. Sue will get names of artists exhibiting to Jean for web posting at appropriate times. She or artists can send pics of art for posting as well. Jean updated the WCAL exhibit flyer last fall. Jean made a QR code (for free) which is now on the flyer and the brochure. Jean will have Margaret email the Constitution/Bylaws and Operational Guidelines to the full membership in a few months. Jean reminds group to update their board member group email addresses.
Member Show: Renee has already met with Charlene and given her Member Show files etc. Charlene has a couple ideas for OAC (Oconomowoc Art Center); one is to add an area for smaller art pieces. Use the rod hangers for each piece or perhaps hang all small pieces on one foam board. OAC is asking for photos of some art to include in their brochure; Charlene will get that done. Would like to see more people at the artist reception; asks that we be more generous with the invitations.
WRAP Show: Jenna reports that the WRAP Show entries and fee are due March 26. Bring yours to the March meeting or can be done on the WRAP website.

Adjournment at 7:55 pm