President’s Newsletter March 2022

Hello fellow artists !  
WE HAD OUR BOARD MEETING.  FOREMOST,  WE DECIDED TO WEAR MASKS FOR THE FIRST COUPLE OF MEETINGS.  WE WILL TAKE AN ALL INCLUSIVE VOTE TO SEE IF WE WANT TO CONTINUE THIS.    Nancy Peterson has upgraded our brochures and they look fantastic !  Let’s get some out into the world. We have a few ideas on where to put them but we could use a few more ideas.  
To the first meeting bring: 1) Check for dues ,  2) A check for the WRAP Show and the form.  Jenna Plyer, Chair,  will be at the meeting to accept your WRAP Show entries.  You can find info and entry blanks on the AWA website at   #3) Your challenge painting that you did over the break.
John Klug will remain as Treasurer.  Renee Couture has passed the hat for Member Show at OAC to Charlene Southworth and Marie Gunther.  Thanks to all !  Jenna Plyer has relieved Jan Wood of the office and is our WRAP chairman, Thanks to both of them!  Janet Knapp will still do challenges, but she is open to new ideas and assistance. Sue Cadkin has taken on the office of Vice President and will be in charge of Exhibits. We have enough people signed up for the first months of the year but  ask her about  Springing into Spring theme, for the Brookfield Library.  Brookfield High School will be exhibiting at the Library from April to May so it will not be open to our group.  Jean Weed will continue to oversee our website.  Thanks Jean! 
I am going to spring break in Florida and will be missing the first meeting.   Happy first day of spring this month !
Karon Bloo Marine