Next meeting is July 20, 2022

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Current info is as follows:

The next WCAL in-person meeting is 6:30 pm Wednesday July 20, 2022.

The July program will be Artist Susan Cadkin presenting mono-printing.

The July challenge is to create a piece emphasizing a composition form. For the month of July , our challenge will be to do a little research on different design formats , and base a painting on one of them. One article that I found is called, “Composition 2: 4 Major Design Formats” at There are also other design formats you may know about that you could use. If you type in Buchanan Watercolors and then 4 Major Design Formats, you should be able to find the article online. If you use a different format that isn’t listed that would be great too. If you have questions, contact Janet or Bloo.