October Minutes

WCAL Minutes, October, 2017

The October 18th meeting was called to order by President Janet Knapp at 6:30 at Christ the Servant Lutheran Church, 2016 Center Road, Waukesha, WI.

Several members shared ‘self portraits’ they had done in response to President Janet’s Sep-tember challenge. Her challenge for next month is for members to do and share a ’45-minute painting’.
Visitor and new member Cynthia Baron, an abstract artist, was introduced.

It was noted that the September minutes and of all future meetings will be on the website. Please let the Secretary, Holly Paulsen, know if there are corrections to be made.

Programs: Linda Glavan announced that Susan Farmer-Tiefenthaler would do the critique tonight. The workshop (limited to 21 participants but the rest of us can watch) with alcohol ink is in the works for the November meeting. If you are signed up to participate, pay Treasurer, Shannon Finger.

WRAP Show: Jan Wood reported on the state show: Betty Clayton’s painting will be on a year long exhibit, Rennee Couture, Emma Macari, Shannon Finger (Lakeland award) and Jan Wood were all honored, and there were more than 300 Tiny Treasures. Shannon Finger reported that the WCAL $100 award went to a digital photo by K. J. Forrest.

Courthouse Show: Jean Pascek reported that, of the 27 artists showing, 18 were WCAL members. Chuck Weber was the judge. Best of Show went to Susan Schwegel, 2nd place to Jean Pascek, 3rd place to Jan Wood and Honorable Mentions to Janice Gehr, Emma Macari, Shannon Finger, Renee Couture, Margaret Schumann, and Holly Paulsen. Take down is on Oct. 31 4-6 p.m.

Member Show: Renee Couture reported that there is a new form for the Member Show available on the website under. Entries will be due as indicated or at the next meeting. Members can enter 3 pieces with drop off and hanging the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

Website: Joel Knapp has the website, WCALWI.org, set up. It has a homepage, a calendar, a map with our meeting location, and has a members page, and will have some artist pages and other features. Paid members will be able to log on (with a user name and password) which will allow them access minutes, names, addresses, phone numbers of members, and other information. Contact joelknapp@wi.rr.com to set up a username and password. Arti-cles for the website are due by the end of October to Joel.

Exhibitions: The signup book was passed. Members may sign up for a maximum of 2 ven-ues.
Membership: Carol passed the attendance sheet and asked members present to check the correctness of email addresses, snail addresses, and phone numbers.

Old business: WCAL will show as a group at the Courthouse (with the theme of ‘rural life’) during the March/April slot.

New business: The March meeting will feature Joel Knapp explaining how a member can put up a personal page on the website and answer any questions that have come up about the website. It was suggested that we might also want to do a tiny treasure exchange with 2-1/2”x3-1/2” works.

Holly Paulsen

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