November Minutes

WCAL Minutes, November 20, 2019
The November 20th meeting was opened by President Janet Knapp at 6:30 at Christ the Servant Lutheran Church, 2016 Center Street, Waukesha.
President Janet Knapp thanked all the retiring officers and committee chairs for their service and welcomed new board members. She reminded the group that we still need someone (or group of “someones“) to take over the Courthouse show responsibilities. The retiring chairs (Margaret Schumann and Jean Pasek) are willing to work with the volunteer/s. She also asked for any sug- gestions re programs and/or judges
WRAP Show: Chairman Jan Wood reminded members that next year’s state show will be in Wausau. The WRAP show we sponsor will be in May with drop off of work in April. She also noted that all members of WRAA are receiving their Tiny Treasures calendars in the mail this week.
Member Show: Chairman Renee Couture collected entry forms and artist’s statements for the show at the Waukesha Civic Theater running in January with a $10 entry fee to show one painting and some restrictions on size. Each entry should have an accompanying one page artist’s state- ment.
Programs: Retiring chair, Bill Taylor, reviewed the variety of programs that the group enjoyed during this programs which included a mix of critiques and presentations.
Exhibitions: We will continue handling exhibits as we have this year with the signup notebook being available at each meeting and exhibiting members responsible for arranging hangings and take downs with previous and succeeding exhibiting members. Presently, Renee Couture and Hol- ly Paulsen filled in the November-mid December slot at the Courthouse and Courthouse people will hang a show mid December into January.
Membership: The president read through the names of the 17 new members joining this year and welcomed them all again to WCAL. She also presented Bill Taylor with a card signed by mem- bers wishing him well and welcoming him back at any time as he retires.
November Challenge: Several members brought in works that they had or are working on that ‘supersized’ how they generally work.
March 2020 Challenge: Janet’s challenge is to copy a “Master’s work”.
The annual “trading card” exchange was held with 25 members participating and the tiny works being enjoyed by everyone.
The meeting was adjourned and the party followed with a fun game (with prizes) involving trying to figure out what “art term” was taped on your back and lots of good food and social interaction.
Holly Paulsen – Secretary

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