Letter From the President

“Without great solitude, no serious work is possible. “ -Pablo  Picasso

Hello to my fellow artists,

So much has been happening since we have last seen each other. I really hope everyone is healthy and doing well. Staying home and not seeing family and friends can be a challenge. This week I plan on  peeking through 2 different windows to see 2 different  newly born great nephews at 2 different houses. It will be a while before I get to hold them.  I hope our WCAL group can be an encouragement and a source of inspiration to you during this time.

We have decided to not keep missing our meetings, as we did in March and April, but to resume our meetings using zoom(until we resume meeting in person).

We will have a zoom meeting at 6:30 on May 20 th.

Jean Weed has received training at work on conducting zoom meetings, and she will be helping us with this. Expect an invitation from her soon along with instructions. We apologize for those of you that will not be able to participate because of lack of internet access. It seemed like the way for the most of us to connect at this time.  Let me know if you are unable to participate and would like us to share something  from you to the group. We will be having “show and tell”at the meeting.  We have done this in the past, but not recently.

Everyone will have a certain amount of time to show and/or tell about something artistic. My guess is each person will have between 3and 6 minutes to share, depending on how many people share. This will give us a chance to converse, rather than just listen, which most of us need at this time. You can show your Master’s painting, other recent artwork, an other type of artwork than you normally show at group, art project”s you have done with young people, or a very quick studio tour. Those are just a few ideas,  and you can share more than one thing if you keep it in the allotted time. You can also just watch and listen.

I was hoping to save our sharing of the Master’s painting until we meet again, but I Am not sure if that is the best now, so if you have completed one or are working on one please show it during the March Zoom meeting. would like us to be able to move on to other challenges and we are scheduled to show our Master paintings at the Court House in June and July. I am not sure how to proceed on that. I am thinking we could have the people that are more comfortable going out take more than one painting, but I am not sure about the timing yet.

The 2020 WRAP show is up on our website and it is beautiful. If you haven’t entered and would like to see it you can find it in the members section of the site. Thanks Jan for organizing that.

As a reminder, the challenge for the  next month, the month of June, will be to  make a piece of art using old family photos as a reference. If we continue meeting on zoom we will continue to have guest artists as we have in the past. It is possible to do that on zoom.

Also, please communicate your thoughts with the leadership about preferences for meeting. We are trying to make good decisions, but will want to know that most are comfortable with the idea of meeting in person before we resume that. We don’t know how things will progress so it is hard to plan ahead very far at this time.  Most people in the group would love a phone call, so feel free to call each other to say hello, and when the weather is warmer maybe some members of the group might want to do some plein  air painting  together ( six feet apart).

As a final note, let’s join Pablo Picasso and use this mandatory time of solitude or semi- solitude to create some serious works of art.

Looking forward to seeing you again.
Janet Knapp

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