May 2020 Minutes

The May 20, 2020 meeting was the first virtual meeting using the zoom platform. We are meeting in this manner because of the coronavirus pandemic. The members were able to join the meeting at 6:15, a short lesson regarding a few zoom functions (gallery/speaker view, mute, microphone) was given by Secretary, Jean W. 26 WCAL participants joined in the meeting.

Janet Knapp, President, started the business meeting at approximately 6:30. Welcome and agenda: business meeting followed by a Show & Tell.

Janet requesting input from participants regarding their comfort level of zoom meetings and about return to large group in-person meetings. Everyone will get a chance to speak during the meeting to share their thoughts.

Membership: Carol reports that there are currently 25 paid members. A discussion followed about email message and procedure to get the dues to John. Per Margaret, an email was sent again today. Perhaps the situation with the virus and zooming etc is affecting membership dues submission. Please be sure that WCAL has your correct email address. Margaret forwards email to the membership email list, she will forward replies she receives to the appropriate original email requestor.

Treasurer: John has sent reports to board & committee members. He spoke of accounts summaries/balances from beginning of year through April 30, 2020. In May, member checks received so far were deposited. Some members did pay more, were contacted and replied that WCAL can keep the extra ($5). WRAP $ received in May will go to that balance. As member checks for dues are received, they will be deposited and be reflected in the May financial report

Secretary: Jean said that she has copies of the November 2019 monthly meeting and the February 2020 Board meeting minutes. Will bring to next in-person mtg. In meantime if anyone wants them via email, please call Jean (leave a message; she will return your call). Jean is helping Jan Wood with WRAP critique on Saturday and asks if a few members could stay on after this meeting; to test out a zoom function.

WRAP Show: Jan Wood reports that online virtual WRAP Critique is this Saturday. There were 28 participating artists this year. The judge, an acrylic artist from Oconomowoc; picked one piece from each artist. These 28 pieces will be showcased and critiqued. Each artists’ voice is important. The judge will explain what she liked and have suggestions for improvement. This will be a benefit to all artists. After that, Jan Wood will announce the 10 Honorable Mention and the 10 State Exhibit Awards. The State Award pieces will be juried into the Wausau Conference which is occurs in the Fall. This will be either in-person or virtual. Jan will also announce the People’s Choice award ($50 certificate and the Award); participants and WCAL members had the opportunity to vote for their favorite. There was a clear winner. Jan will be recording the Show and writing down notes; she will give critique info to those artists that won’t be able to attend.

Courthouse Show: Meena reports it is scheduled potentially for October and is working with Hilda about dates for the drop-off and the pick-up. Then the brochure can be done. It may be a non-traditional format because of COVID19. The committee is wondering about even getting a judge. Margaret and Jean P. suggested to go ahead and line-up a judge, to be prepared. Perhaps this years’ show could be on-line (for viewing and judging) and then pick a future month for actual display. The discussion continued…. since the Courthouse show is more of a promotion for WCAL to postpone this show until a better month. Other ideas and possibilities were presented. More info to come.

Member Show: Renee says that John (Oconomowoc) is in decision making process regarding the location of the show. He may need to reschedule (because of the pandemic’s affects).

Publicity/Facebook: Nancy reports that with FB, some still don’t answer the questions. If member recommend to others; please tell them to answer questions. Nancy is going to work on a way to promote & encourage members to post more of their artwork on FB.

Webpage: Please inform Lennis about postings. She will post the monthly challenge per Janet’s suggestion. There was a discussion about the WRAP show and non-members being able to view the pieces. Jan spoke about the issues involved; decided to keep it private to keep the artists’ work protected from being pirated. A temporary way to see the WRAP pieces on the WCAL site has been developed. If someone wants to go public- then they can put on facebook or in their own manner. 

Exhibits: Vince reports that the masters exhibit intended for June/July. Janet spoke with Hilda – could happen in July. More info to come.

Programs: Carol spoke with Susan Farmer-T regarding a critique online with zoom for June meeting. Susan would like to see the pieces ahead of time.  This process to be determined. Janet would like future meetings to include a program of some type – a critique, a demo etc. A side note was made that the opening of the church facility will determine how we meet in the future.

Janet explained the Show & Tell part of our meeting: you will have some time to show your master(s) and/or other things. The June challenge will be something inspired by an old family portrait, or to do with family. Also would like to do something positive…a way to contribute, say “thank-you”… a group art project to donate; perhaps to staff at Waukesha Memorial Hospital. Other agencies/places were discussed. Artists trading cards with a theme, color & message, mount on foam board. Some ideas were presented. Asked to give feedback during Show & Tell time. Janet will send out a follow-up email & ask for thoughts.

The business meeting was adjourned. We enjoyed Show & Tell for the remainder of our meeting time.

Jean Weed

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