WCAL minutes September 2021

The September 15, 2021 meeting was held in-person at Christ the Servant Lutheran Church in Waukesha. Janet Knapp, President, called the business meeting to order at 6:30 pm. 16 WCAL members plus 2 guests and Annie Cannistra (tonight’s artist) were in attendance. Guests were introduced and welcomed. One of the guests was a relative of Vince’s. 
Secretary: Jean reported August business meeting and September board meeting minutes are complete and posted on the website. Jean redid the WCAL info/promo sheet that is hanging at the Brookfield Library venue; it now has our correct meeting place and general contact information. 
Treasurer: John reported August activity. Beginning balance of 3878.32. Income of $350 from Waukesha Co for Courthouse Show purchase of art piece, membership dues $15; $100 in expenses for Irene Angeles August critique. Ending balance 4143.32. Breakdown of accounts: 75.43 in Reserve; 1614.93 WRAP; 410.76 Courthouse Show; 327.50 Member Show; 1714.70 General Fund. 
Courthouse Show: Meena had emailed info since she will not be able to attend tonights meeting. Janet relays you can find the forms on the website. Submit by Sept 25. Janet explained the Courthouse Show purchase contest to new members; is in gallery on lower level of Courthouse, there are prizes, County purchases one piece for $350 which becomes a permanent piece on display at Courthouse. More info is in the brochure which is on the website. Contact Meena for more info. 
Member’s Show: Renee not in attendance. Jean reports from her prior email that Member Show forms and info are on the website. Contact Renee for more info about the Member Show. 
Programs: Carol: Tonight’s program will be a demonstration by artist Annie Cannistra. Next month will be a demonstration of watercolor ink by artist Ann Thomas. 
Exhibits: Brookfield Library – for month of September: Marie Gunther is solo artist. October: Marie Hurley, Jean Weed and Kellie Nagel. Contact Bloo- text her 262-719-2822 to sign up for future months. Please consider exhibiting (even a few pieces) so we can fill and keep the space each month at Brookfield Library. Tudor Oaks and Courthouse galleries-contact Bloo if interested and she will contact them about it. Janet reminds that you can team up with another artist(s). And the value of displaying your art. 
Officers needed: Janet asks for volunteers for office. We need a President. This would include leading the meetings, writing newsletter. If you are interested but think is too much; perhaps can team up. Also need Member Show Chair. She told how Renee has been doing Member Show for years & explained the role a bit. Renee will also need help at this years show. Contact a board member if interested in either the President or Member Show Officer positions. 
WRAP Show: Jan reports that WRAP is still going to choose about 12 pieces to be on display at UW-Madison for a year. These are chosen from all the submissions, not just from the conference winners. It used to be displayed at the Ag/Life Sciences building; not sure which department building it be displayed in now. 
Facebook/Publicity: Nancy will be working on revising the WCAL brochure. 
Challenge: Like Jackson Pollock (paint pouring). 6 pieces were shown. Also 2 other paintings from previous challenge(s). John describes our October challenge; use crayons.  He tried crayons on canvas, he tried cheap crayons…both didn’t work. He brought some watercolor paper to share with group. Try crayons however you want; perhaps even melting. Your crayon art now…how your kindergarten (refrigerator) art has changed. 
New/Old Business/Other: Janet mentioned earlier in meeting that the website will be simplified and a few changes made. Members will not need a password. Member contact information and member galleries will not be on the website. Margaret will continue to email information to members. Thank you!- a round of applause given for Margaret. She smiles and says “just the messenger”. John mentioned the revision to the Operational Guidelines under the Dues section now  reads “If a new member joins mid-year (July 1st or later) their dues shall be $15.00 for the rest of the year ending December 31st.”  John reports currently have 36 members. Margaret encourages members to contribute; it is important. And new members to volunteer…it is more fun that way. She told how she had previously done the Courthouse Show and then helped Meena. Jan Wood is helping Jenna with WRAP. Renee will surely help her replacement for Member Show. Jan Wood also encourages and mentions how helpful people are. 
Business meeting Adjourn: 7:05 pm. Program followed. 
Program: A demonstration of eco-printing by artist Annie Cannistra.