WCAL meeting minutes May 2022

The May 18, 2022 meeting was held in-person at Christ the Servant Lutheran Church in Waukesha. WCAL President, Bloo Marine called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm. 20 WCAL members (1 new), 1 quest and Artist Barb Hayden were in attendance.

Secretary: Jean reports that the April meeting minutes are complete and posted to website.
Facebook/Publicity: Nancy will take photos at the WRAP Show and post those along with the winners names.
Treasurer: John absent. Bloo read the financial report: $75.43 Reserve, 2074.93 WRAP Show, 275.76 Courthouse, 261.56 Member Show, 2296.20 General Fund.  Balance of 4983.88. We to give $100 to AWA for the WCAL Conference award.
WRAP Show: Jenna absent. The Workshop date at OAC is May 21st. Bloo & Jan Wood explained the itinerary for the day. 9-10 view gallery & eat snacks. Judge Michael Julian will give an art presentation between 10-11:30. He has chosen one piece from each artist to critique. Judge will critique these pieces in the afternoon. Then the State Conference awards and Honorable Mentions will be announced.
Programs: Tonight Artist Barb Hayden will do a critique and talk about how she does a critique. June program will have a speaker come in. We also will spend more time talking about the challenge pieces. In July Sue Cadkin will demonstrate her eco-printing. Carol has programs planned for rest of year.
Tiny Treasures: Bloo reminds and encourages to enter.
Exhibits: Sue Cadkin brought in the book for sign-up; has one artist for July but needs two more. July theme is “The Essence of Summer” (artist to interpret).
Courthouse Show: Meena absent; no report.
Member’s Show: Charlene absent. Janet explained the recent sent email: that in addition to your Show entry also do a piece to represent Alexa or Siri. Member Show is at end of year.
Challenges: Janet held up each of the 9 challenge pieces (7 May borders and 2 April shadows). Bloo brought in the June challenge photos for attendees to take pics of. There will be prizes (ribbons, $) for the June challenge pieces.
New Business: None
Business meeting Adjourned at 7:10.
Program followed: Artist Barb Hayden (on Instagram as bhaydenpainter) started with an explanation of elements of critique. There were 8-9 pieces of art that members brought in for critique.