President’s Newsletter (and More) June 2022

Hello ,
This month we will be having a contest at our next meeting for everybody who participates in this month’s challenge, which is to make a piece of art using the photos that  the group picked out as a reference. There will be ribbons for the top five and everyone else gets a cool participation ribbon. There will also be prize money. Charlene will be judging all the pictures and handing out the ribbons, and Susan will be Susan in charge of the prize money. Susan will also be in charge of the meeting. (Karen)

For the month off July , our challenge will be to to do a little research on different design formats , and base a painting on one of them. One article that I found is called, “Composition 2: 4 Major Design Formats”. at There are also other design formats you may know about that you could use.(Janet )

Karen Bloo Marine

President Karon will not be at the meeting.  Sue Cadkin will be presiding.  
From Carol Meissner….Program Chair
I hope that everyone did at least one of the paintings that was given as the challenge several months ago.  There is no speaker for the June meeting as all those who did the challenge of the photo(s) that were shared will have an opportunity to talk about their painting and how it was done.  It will be fun to see the talent within our own group.  According to Bloo, there will be prize money available.
From John Klug… news from the Treasurer……..I guess no news is good news.💲😉
From Sue Cadkin…..Exhibition Chair.  Just a reminder that there is still space available at the Brookfield Library for our July show, “The Essence of Summer.”   Please let me know if you have some pictures you would like to display.  Looking forward to seeing your amazing pieces.
And…..from Charlene Southworth, our Member Show Chair   Keep in mind the Member Show later this year.