WCAL meeting minutes July 2022

The July, 2022 meeting was held in-person at Christ the Servant Lutheran Church in Waukesha. WCAL Vice-President, Sue Cadkin called the meeting to order at 6:40 pm. President Bloo Marine arrived later & then presided. 24 WCAL members & 3 quests (Carol, Jane, Albert) in attendance.
Secretary: Jean reports that the June meeting minutes are complete and posted to website. There are still issues with posting to the boxes (widgets) on the website. Joel has been working to fix. The “next meeting” announcements will be put into a regular article on the page. Ignore the incorrect info in pink/purple box. Some still having problems getting into the website. No-one took pics at last meeting so challenge piece pics are not on the website.

Treasurer: Johnl reported: June no income. Expenses 227.89 (AWA donation 100 for WRAP, Knapp for website fix 75, WRAP 52.89).  Beginning bal was 4791.83; End bal June 30th 4563.94. Reserve 75.43, WRAP 1884.99, Courthouse 275.76, Member Show 261.56, General Fund 2066.20. We currently have 41 paid members.
Programs: Carol reports next month Tamara Okun will demonstrate. She is an abstract painter who recently moved from Chicago to rural Wisconsin and is enjoying the landscape. Does 3D & mixed media. She will show us plaster/concrete & acrylic on canvas. She has displayed at Almont and also at a Milw gallery.  In September Anne Raskopf will explain 30 paintings in 30 days. October Beki Borman who has done a zoom with us in the past. She teaches at Wilson Center. Carol will check into artist doing a critique since already have a number of demos.

WRAP Show: Jenna reported on the Waukesha/Ocon WRAP entries that received state conference awards. These include Sue Cadkin (White House collage) Beecher Award, Mike E (self portrait Mike) Roundtree Award, Mark Yanney (The Metric Electric photo) Francis Tip Award  Jan Wood (Sanctuary collage) Berk Memorial Award, Jill Robinson fiber art titled “Reconstruction” received the WCAL award. Kathy will be taking over as WRAP chair next year.
Courthouse Show: Meena absent. No report. Sue responded to question that this show is in Oct and Meena will be getting more info out. Contact Meena with questions. Jan mentions that it is a purchase award show – county makes purchase of one piece to hang in courthouse building halls.
Member Show: Charlene reports that in addition to artists’ main entries will hopefully also ask for small sized entries. Perhaps a total of 5×7 in size. She will ask OAC about this. A discussion followed about how to hang them. Options will be discussed at board meeting.
Facebook/Publicity: Nancy reports. The facebook page was setup before Nancy’s chairpersonship. It was setup for public to join, that is…do not need to be a WCAL paid member. So you will see art and comments from non-WCAL members. They keep changing fb and Nancy no longer has ability to not let someone join the fb group. She can, however, still allow or disallow specific posts & pics. The WCAL board has voted that no nudity be allowed. So far there has only been one thing that Nancy disallowed.
Exhibits: Sue Cadkin reports that the August theme for Brookfield Library is themed “Abstraction Attraction”. Abstract is how you want to do it. She plans to have different themes each month. Need artists to signup for August and future months; she has brought in the signup book. Or please contact her.
Challenges: In answer to June challenge prize question; $ from WCAL funds and ranged from $5 to $25. At this meeting 7 June challenge (sunflower, marsh) and 7 July challenge (composition) pieces were presented. Shannon passed around books by Barbara Nuss; same books 2 different titles: “Secrets to Compostion, 14 Formulas for Landscape Painting” and “14 Formulas for Painting Fabulous Landscapes”. One attendee brought in 2 pieces from a recent class she took at Wilson taught by Beth Stoddard. The August challenge is mono-printing – bring in as many as you like. 

New Business: Board meeting scheduled for 5:30 pm Wed August 17. This is before the regular member meeting.
Bloo and her family has a show “Summer Haze” downtown at Marshall building 7/22 & 23.
Business meeting Adjourned: At approx 7:45. Program mono-printing demonstration followed.